Vetrotech Saint-Gobain's innovative products have been available to the North American market since the 1980s. Our production facilities have been producing fire-rated glass at our state-of-the-art factories near Seattle, Washington since 2000. Since our first UL listings dating back to 1983, Vetrotech has played an important role in standards development for fire-resistant safety glass. Our specially adapted product range is certified according to leading North American fire-test standards and in full compliance with building codes. This means we can satisfy the needs local markets.

Vetrotech fire-resistant glass offers the ultimate protection for people and property, while providing the aesthetic and multi-functional qualities you expect from architectural glass. Our fire-rated glass is manufactured to provide multi-functional benefits, e.g. human impact, safety, security, etc.. More than 30 years of experience means we are able to deliver solutions for virtually any application, worldwide.

  • Fire-rated doors and curtain wall
  • Impact, bullet, and hurricane-resistant glass
  • Full line of clear fire-rated glazings rated from 20 to 180 minutes



Butt-jointed all glass partition for framless fire protection. This product combines an aesthetically appealing and minimalistic appearance with the highest standards of performance.


VDS precision engineered steel frames and doors are custom fabricated in the USA. These specially made fire-resistant doors provide a barrier to radiant and conducted heat and complement our CONTRAFLAM fire-rated glazing products.


Highest performing fire-resistant glass as a "barrier to heat" . Available in a variety of combinations including IGU's, multi-comfort, and decorative options.


This glass-ceramic product family offers the widest selection of solutions where fire-rated applications from 20 up to 180 minutes are required.



Pyroswiss was first tested in 1981, quickly becoming the original, clear, specially tempered, and impact safety glass for 20-minute fire-rated doors.