Natural light is better. That’s our view.

For forward thinking, energy conscious builders and architects who want the best for their occupants, View® Dynamic Glass offers intelligent windows that maximize natural light and unobstructed views while reducing heat and glare.

Unlike traditional glass, View Dynamic Glass tints in response to outdoor conditions providing greater comfort and energy efficiency without ever compromising the view.




A look into the future. Glass with an IQ.

View Dynamic Glass is powered by a sophisticated intelligence engine that adapts to your environment and you. It automatically responds to outdoor conditions and people's preferences, or can be controlled individually from a mobile device.



World-class glass manufacturing meets Silicon Valley

We set out to build the best dynamic glass factory. We took the best talent, equipment and processes from the semiconductor, flat panel and solar industries and merged it with state-of-the-art large glass processing, to deliver a groundbreaking product that’s built to last.

View Dynamic Glass - State of the Art Manufacturing


Our proprietary electrochromic process is at the heart of View Dynamic Glass.

Given the sophistication and control required in our product, factory priorities are placed on product performance, durability and yield. The management and key personnel come with a semiconductor and glass industry mindset, where rapid technology learning, yield management, process control and defect reduction drive ever greater product performance and lower costs.